Software Developer

Georgiy Oganisyan
Software developer
PHP / C++
  1. I am Georgiy a software developer and engineer. I was born in Syberia, lived and graduated in Krasnodar, and know I live in Moscow.
    First code I wrote when I was 13. Since than I am coding and continue to studying software developing.
    I like to develop and create things.

    E-mail: The rest contacts below.

  1. 2004 Kuban State University (KubSU)
    2011 «Lingvistica» (Communications) (МЦПиР)
    2013 «The way of success: «Effective leadership» (Синтон)
    2014 Project management (PSM Consulting)
    2015 Myers & Briggs and effective communications (PSM Consulting)
    2015 Project management on strategic level (PSM Consulting)

  • 10 years of experience.
  • CRM (created and integrated)
  • Service for MMO gamers with up to 13000 visitors/day
  • Framework-based system with admin/user accounts, company services, built in CMS with all required functions.
  • Wap-based dating service. Modules and plugins for e-commerce and different CMSs.
  • Include here Apache and Nginx.
  • Many hours of legacy code refactoring and support.
  • Familiar with Redis, Memcached and other common technologies
  • 2 years of experience with PHPixie. Chosen from a bunch of frameworks.
  • A bit familiar with Kohana, Codeingniter, Zend.
CMS: primary Drupal, PrestaShop, MODX and a bucket of others
Node.js, PhpDaemon: basic applications
Linux: administration (GUI/console) of VPS for 7 years, and some other experience for 10 years
Javascript: 10 years of coding sometimes, plain or with libs, Jquery, ExtJS
HTML + CSS: 15 years of experience, valid and crossbrowser
Haml + Sass: 2 years of experience
GUI: Bootstrap, Axure prototyping
Clean code: OOP, DRY, KISS, YAGNI(rational) and a clean elegant code itself
Code version control: Git, BitBucket, SourceTree
IDE: PhpStorm, NetBeans, MS Visual Studio, CooCox, Code::Blocks
C++ (MFC, STL): 2 years of experience. Projects: AlphaChat, 3D software renderer
Java: 3D renderer as a language acquaintance
Machine code: Z80 cpu ADC/DAC 1bit 1MHz (Spectrum 128K). Made it when I studied in school.
Ogre3D: Developed 3D engine (OGRE) based movie for company that makes plastic toys.
OpenGL: Primitives, Lighting, Dots clouds as a student work.

  • This program was used on TV-studios with alpha-channel output hardware StreamLabs Alpha.
  • It shows SMS on background in TV-air
  • It has self-update functionality based on settings.
  • SMS was loaded by additional software stream to ensure stability and reliability of GUI and important functionality.

Phong shading

Gouraud shading

Calculations of normals are off. So Z-buffer stays the same, as on off-moment.

Wired view

Every triangle with it's own color

Vertices cloud

Torus, as example of another model

Sport: Longboard, bicycle, run
Robots: a custom design quadruped with specially designed electronics
Engineering: SolidWorks, ArtCAM
MCU programing: STM32 with C/C++/JavaScript(Espruino)
Copters: I like tricopters and quadrocopters. Training with quadrocopter
Phone: +7 (965) 133-36-46
Skype: grox_ex_machine
Location: Moscow, Russia
Languages: Russian (native), English (intermediate)
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